This will be one of my longer Aisha/Nex fanfics. I came up with this story a couple weeks ago…while at work. ? It won’t be a fantasy story; instead, it’ll take place on Earth, and Aisha and Nex will be normal folks like you and me.

Well, mostly. She won’t be a princess, but she’ll still be from a well-to-do family. Also, I’m changing her father’s name to Theodore. “Teredor” sounds too fairytale-like. I’ll keep that name in my other stories, but not in this one. (Niobe will stay the same.)

General Plot

Aisha has finally escaped the social bubble she grew up in and moved to the big city to be on her own. As she settles in, she keeps running into Nex — at the coffee shop, the gym, even on the sidewalk. Eventually, they get to know each other and become involved in each other’s lives.

Nex is a vlogger. He has a decent following — not in the millions, but sizable — but he’ll do anything to grow it more. Meanwhile, Aisha, a self-taught dancer, tries to catch her big break, but competition and her aloofness hold her back. They bring each other into their worlds and slowly discover they’re searching for the same thing.

I’ll update this post as I develop the story and characters. Also, I’m currently looking for an artist to redesign Aisha and Nex for this story. If you’re interested, send me an email at