A collection of fanfics about Aisha and Nex. My goal: write this couple a better love story. Read more here.

Last Updated April 24, 2021.


Unnamed Story 1

Aisha has finally escaped the social bubble she grew up in and moved to the big city to be on her own. As she settles in, she keeps running into Nex — at the coffee shop, the gym, even on the sidewalk. Eventually, they get to know each other and become involved in each other’s lives.

Nex is a vlogger. He has a decent following — not in the millions, but sizable — but he’ll do anything to grow it more. Meanwhile, Aisha, a self-taught dancer, tries to catch her big break, but competition and her aloofness hold her back. They bring each other into their worlds and slowly discover they’re searching for the same thing.

“The Thread” (Working Title)

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    Micro-Fiction (100 words or less)

    Shorter stories about Aisha and Nex.

    Six-Word Stories

    Can you tell a story in six words? Absolutely. Inspired by a work by Ernest Hemingway, six-words stories are a popular form of flash fiction. Here are some about Aisha and Nex.

    Drabbles (100-word Stories)

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    Flash Fiction

    Aisha and Nex

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