Well, the title speaks for itself. I’d like to commission an artist to redesign Aisha and Nex for my newest non-Winx fan story. My forum post on DeviantArt a few days ago garnered lots of interest, but no one had the art style I’m looking for. I’ve also emailed a couple of people outside of DeviantArt, but they haven’t responded.

Here’s what I need:

  • Someone who knows how to design characters, not just draw them. They need to be good at expressions, clothing, body shapes, etc.
  • Someone who has a cel-shaded or semi-realistic style, but not anime-esque or comic book.

I’d also prefer someone who’s never watched Winx Club or hasn’t watched it in a while. Yes, that’s weird, but I think a current Winx fan couldn’t draw Aisha and Nex without biases poking through. I need an artist who can draw this couple according to their personalities, not personal opinions of the characters based on the show.

My budget is $200 – $300, but I’m willing to negotiate. If you know someone who might be good for the job, please let me know.

Thank you!