I found an artist to redesign Aisha and Nex for my fanfic! She calls herself PirateHearts on DeviantArt, and she’s a professional illustrator and character designer. My beloved couple will look amazing! ❤️

Why do I wanna redesign Aisha and Nex? First, since my story doesn’t take place in the Winx universe, I want an art style that better matches my tone. Two, I wanna distance this couple from their Winx Club selves and their love story (though I may retell parts of it). Changing the art style will help.

Finally, I know some fans of Winx Club think Nex is ugly. Have you heard of the halo effect and the horn effect? They’re biases cause us to judge people based on their looks. You’re more likely to trust someone you think is attractive than someone you think is ugly. That’s because we assume beautiful people are good, and ugly people are evil. It’s shallow, but it’s human nature.

The sad truth is if we make Nex more handsome, not only will people like him more, but they’ll also be more likely to support him as Aisha’s boyfriend. Again, just human nature.

Aisha doesn’t need a lot of changes to her design — just a more mature look. PirateHearts is drawing her first. As soon as she’s done, I’ll share her redesign with more information about her character in my story. Same with Nex. Stay tuned!