Since you’ve found this page, and you watch Winx Club (or did once), you probably know who Aisha and Nex are: a Winx fairy and a former-Paladin (now Specialist) who became a couple in Winx season six. Let me guess: you hate them together. You think Nex is just “Riven 2.0”, or you wanted Roy to win the love triangle, or you’re still upset about Nabu’s death in Winx season four.

Winx season 6: Aisha and Nex holding cupcakes in Pixie Village

I guess this was unavoidable. Aisha and Nex would have a hard time winning the fandom’s over no matter what. To make things worse, Rainbow writes Winx Club for four years old now. These two haven’t even kissed yet because kissing is too raunchy for children! Their poor, innocent eyes! 🙄

And now, Aisha and Nex look like children themselves as of Winx season eight. Wonderful.

But I love them, anyway. I know they haven’t had the best love story in fiction, and I know Nex isn’t easy to love — I didn’t like him at first myself — but they have so much potential together. Rainbow just hasn’t tapped into it.

Too bad they probably never will, especially not with how Winx Club is now. ?

That’s why I want to redeem this couple through better love stories. I’ve studied them for years, so I feel like I understand their relationship and how to present it in a more engaging way.

They also have some symbolism hidden in plain sight. Their names mean “life” (Aisha) and “death” (Nex). Sounds creepy, but it doesn’t have to be literal. I can’t wait to find unique ways to work into my stories!

By the way, these stories won’t take place within the Winx Club canon or universe. That’s what’s holding this couple back, so I want to wipe the slate clean and build worlds around their characters and relationship. I think that’s a better way to bring out the best in them.

So if you’re still open to an Aisha/Nex love story, you’re in the right place. Welcome to! Visit the homepage for posts about symbolism, creative writing, etc., and check out the fanfiction page to see what stories I’m working on.